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Non-Disclosure Agreement

If you're planning to enter into discussions with a competitor or vendor, use a mutual NDA to ensure all parties involved are limited in what they can reveal so your company is protected.


Founders Agreement

Provides a clear, written baseline for how your co-founder relationships will work, how your company is structured and the equity divided, and importantly what happens when one founder leaves.


Business Canvas Model

Use this one-page business canvas model to help you clearly articulate the value proposition of your company or product to potential financiers, investors, and partners.


Depreciation Calculator

Struggling to figure out how to depreciate your company's fixed assets on the balance sheet? Use our depreciation calculator and pick from one of four different methods.

Accounting & Finance

Employee Onboarding Checklist

The onboarding experience sets the tone for any new joiner. Use this onboarding checklist to help you streamline the process and check off the steps as you go.

Human Resources

Owners Equity Statement

Track the changes in your company's ownership interest and owners' equity during the accounting period as a result of contributions, withdrawals, and net income.

Accounting & Finance

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